January 2016 became something I didn’t expect.
I have painted. Pastel’d. Coloured. Sketched. And even mucked about with charcoal. Transfers too.

There’s a 50 x 100 cm canvas prepped with gesso and I’m antsy to get some large brushes.  It’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve seriously tried to draw. I’m really enjoying myself. There’s so much going on in life but not going on at the same time. I call it limbo. My anxiety is raising an ugly head but for the most part I am fine. One thing recently did happen that is quiet a relief and yet it wasn’t even for me. My friend had applied for a job and interviewed. She’s needed change and deserved a better job for some time now. You can’t even boast about it yet but here I am! (Sucker!) I’m excited and anxious for a few things and I’m glad that painting and creating are giving me an outlet during these winter months. The indoor garden is doing alright but not wonderfully. I need a new set up but am unsure how to go about it. I dream of a greenhouse sitting room. There’s still six days left in this month for things to happen and I just have a good feeling!

Positive vibes!


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