The Studio

The other day I was watching my nephew who has been sick and just before lunch his dad came home for a little while and I was able to get out for a bit.  I want a little foot rest, or two actually. I went to the one thrift store I normally go to, BFM, and stumbled on this beauty….


How much you wonder? $110.

It was love at first sight.  If I had any way to pay for this and get it home and in the door (I think that part actually is the deal breaker). This epic, assuming vintage, drafting desk is taller and wider than 5 feet.   I text my sister and next thing I know she’s convincing me to get it!!!! Text my lil sister and she offers some money to help pay for it!! Okay, okay, people, calm down here you are supposed to keep me in line.  Bestie to the rescue.  I had been looking on kijiji for easels but it never dawned on me to use the word drafting.  So I pull up the mobile site and plunk in drafting.  A handful of suitable desks come up and I emailed them all. One of the Micheals desks I always oooooooooo over when it goes on sale but can never justify spending the money on it even on sale.
There was a phone number so I called.
I got this essentially brand new desk for $50.  The neighborhood I had to go to pick it up was stunning.  I had to ask if their neighbors had heated driveways because of how perfectly clean they were. Some of the houses are sooooo big and the landscaping…. All by the local skiing “mountain”.

The desk fit perfectly in my car with no room to spare. I was even able to get it inside without any help.

I have spent the last day getting the studio/plant room re-organized. Hubby just doesn’t understand how nice it feels to re-vamp a room and make it more functional. I have another piece of furniture in that room but it still feels spacious. I can still roll out my yoga mat.  One downside to rearranging is moving shelving and such or as hubby complains, “holes in the walls.”  I have a tub of putty for this and covered in all the holes and nicks. Unfortunately the brackets for the one shelf took off a fair amount of paint and a layer of very crumbly drywall.  The paint here practically wipes off.; when we moved in I brushed the corned of a box against the wall and it marked.
So now this room looks like a battle zone with all the added white putty.   I hope to completely paint the room a different colour in the next couple months.  It’s been a few days now and I still have not managed to get everything completely put back into the studio.  A couple days of distraction, going out with Hubs while he works on the boat I can paint some boxes sitting in the sun.  The closet in the studio needs shelving to make it functional and really organize the room properly, which is why I just don’t want to shove the last of the stuff back in there.  I think painting the room will really make me feel like it’s reborn.  How funny is that? I can change it and everything but now it’s just gotten to the point where I really need a paint change (it doesn’t help that this place was all painted the same colour) so I’ve been dreaming of what colours to change them too.   Picking out paint is no easy feat!  I think I’ve gotten the studio colour chosen and maybe, if I can find a purple I really like, I will paint my bedroom finally.  My biggest problem is I’m bold; especially when it comes to interior colour.  All these egg shell whites, taup, pastel colours just feel faded and old to me.

I haven’t taken a photo of my studio just yet, as much as I want to share the transformation I don’t want to take a photo until it’s done (pre-paint) but I did post a photo to my facebook and of course someone suggests that I need to paint a canvas for myself.  Seems so easy to do right?   I wish it was.  I am still so undecided on how to complete the studio; it’s going to take some time.  I need to just create and be in the space to figure out what I really need and where. For instance, the desk I picked up has fabric drawers.  That just won’t do but making some wood drawers is easy to do.
Move the cork board to under the window will happen tomorrow.
Take down shelf to decide where it should go now or if can be used in another room.
Shelving/storage is a must I just keep browsing pinterest and am swoon by so many other artists’ studios.  Once I buy a house… oh that glorious day! I will know exactly what to look for or what to design for a studio.  A sink is a must.  And windows.  I’ve found myself looking at houses and wondering how an entire side of a home can only have 2 tiny little windows.
I can’t tell if I’m suffering from cabin or spring fever!  I just don’t even know what to do with myself.  It’s so nice not to have my head stuck in the factory.  It’s been amazing to get back to my art.  I even had interest from a new store  in town here to sell my work.  I am working on some things to set up a display and see how that goes.  I haven’t really even developed a style yet and I’ve come across so many pagan artists recently – SO INSPIRING!  I love their work so much.  I feel as though nothing is original anymore, like I browse pinterest so much anything I come up with is bound to be a concept someone else has already done.  So whatever I do right now that’s inspired from these artist… I feel like I’m copying them? I have to overcome this hurtle to get to a point of just creating without a stock photo.  I know a stock photo is needed for some things… I guess really I wish I could see these artists at work no in life.  Just connect with someone artistic again.  Someone to learn from. I should be looking in to taking a class and throwing myself back into the art world.
I joined Deviant art again.  Wow how many years has it been?  Mysterygirl is long gone.  I really wish I still had that account and my old artwork.  My ex burned my sketchbooks.  Moreso for the couple of poems I wrote in highschool.  Regardless it is nice to be back in the art community!

**Three days have passed since I started this point…. hahahaha….
It was a beautiful morning today so we went for a drive and when we came home the cat’s shelf under the window had fallen down.  The one piece of wood, the angled one, apparently split slightly and today it gave way.  Luckily I had put the sewing machine where it was, with the case on, and it saved the light bulbs and ballast; something I cannot afford to replace at the moment.  So we picked up some cheap metal brackets and the whole thing kicked my butt into making this space cozier.  I got the shelf put above my drawing desk and pinned the small paintings I’ve done, under the shelf. The cork board got it’s place under the cat’s shelf and I’m really loving how these brackets are simpler giving me more head space with that desk.
I’m really excited about it all and now get tweet everything just so.

Photos to come soon I swear!

Love & Light


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