Well this weekend has been a non-productive one to say the least.  I did manage to bottle 2 gallons of kombucha, get the studio set up completely and go for a nature walk with sister and nephew.  It’s been a good weekend though.   

 Relaxing is always nice and it was a bit gloomy here.  The weather has warmed up and very spring like.  It’s supposed to be rainy for the next couple of days… Boo.
The past week I’ve been cat sitting my co-workers 3 girlies. They’ve never met me before and also are new to the area so they weren’t sure what to think of a stranger coming to feed them and scoop their litter.  I swept and vacuumed too, I know how cats like to be clean and sometimes just normal upkeep not being done can be alarming or stressful.  I got to scratch a couple of their heads and brought them some new toys infused with cat nip. I think that helped the one warm up to me more. My co-worker uses the normal clay litter for her kitties, I switched to corn a little over a year ago and well, scooping clay litter is awful. It made me happy to clean my own litter boxes hahaha!  Plus all those added fragrances!! ICK!  Although I’m sure the corn used in the litter is GMO…. I’m still happy to be using it over the clay.  Clay is SO heavy! I forgot there was such a difference between the two so this has been a happy reminder that I made a good choice to switch. Sure it has an odd smell from time to time but I’ll take that over the fragrance bomb.  Her kitties are going to be just so happy for them to be home again.   It’s also really made me realize that I won’t have more than 3 cats at a time. That’s a lot of mouths to feed, hair to clean and litter to scoop.  To much for this girl.
I did work on my one painting a little yesterday.  Small lines. Oy! So now I think I just want to add one more thing and it will be complete.  I think it’s going to look pretty darn good in these old frames I found laying at the curb years ago.  There’s 2 small oval frames I had tried to get to L long ago but never accomplished that, I even tried to give them to my little sister at one point but I think she was between places at the time and wasn’t interested.  Now I’m glad I hung on to them over the years and finally have found something to put in them.  
I started cutting out stencils for a yoga painting I’m doing for a kinder spirit. I’ve completed the background, orange and yellow very energizing, but have stalled on adding the symbols because they will be black and I just want to be sure not to screw it up! I got the Om symbol cut out and will get that centered and work from there.  I just hope I don’t go to small for the symbols but I don’t want them to be too overpowering either. Fingers crossed I’ve chosen the middle road. 

My kitten, Gwen, has really come a long way!! This year she started actually full blown meowing!! Before it was just squeaks and we thought her vocal cords had been damaged by the respiratory infection she had so young. NOPE She can cry just as strong as the boys, it’s just SO girly hehehe  She’s started to wait for me at the bathroom door when I brush my teeth before bed, she does this twirling thing and mews; it’s beyond adorable.  She waits for me to get into bed and then jumps up and wants to cuddle.  Well she used to want to cuddle that is.  Now she’s discovered playing and likes to chase your wiggling toes or fingers under the covers. She’s figured out it only happens when I’m in bed and will sit there waiting, looking all over the bed watching for some small movement.  I’ve come to realize that she doesn’t play, she chases Boog around and attacks him but doesn’t play with toys.  I may have caught her with the kicker the other day but she very well could have been sucking the catnip spray off.  She will get interested with the red dot but not for long, the boys kinda take over that one.
One of these days I’m going to set up the webcam and see what goes on while we are away!

~Love & Light


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