What is that in the window?
Are you caging in your plants?
– No it’s a cat patio. The Catio.
The boys love to be outside, eating grass and puking it back up; chasing leaves and insects to get tangled up; crying when the leash get stuck on the smallest things and the give up and flop over “Ma I can’t walk with this contraption around my neck and chest!! See!” FLOP -oy ve
So after scrolling through Pinterest for cat enclosures and getting ideas I went to the lumber store and picked up some 2×2’s.
I have this great habit of just picking a project and winging it, so I got a few pieces which were 8ft long and got them home. Pulled out the drill, saw and my case of screws. After laying out the wood and getting a visual of how it will look.

Untitled  Once all the wood was cut I stained it and that had to dry. The next day I assembled the frame for then ends and front. The nearby hardware store had galvanized poultry mesh for just under $25 after taxes, I walked over and picked up a roll. It was slow going but I only had wire cutters to use but it looks good.

The roof is 16g plastic that I just quickly picked up at Walmart. I’m not sure how long it will last but it should work for now. I will have to price out some hard plastic and save up for that.

I couldn’t wait to let Boog check it out

It’s not perfect, I had forgotten that I trimmed the ends on an angle so I made the front piece is too tall by 2 inches.  I will fix it when I put the floor in but until then I’ve just dug down a bit so it still works.

Now that the Catio has beenUntitled open for a couple of days, un-furrnished, I’ve had a chance to see what kind of flooring options are available.  The outdoor flooring I had found would cost $75-100 and even the flooring at the dollar store would cost relatively the same amount.  So it will be floored with deckboards, cheap, clean and easy to get.  I put up one shelf in the meantime and instantly Marvin was perching.  They love it.
Once the floor is in I will concentrate on creating an insert for the window as a cat door.  I have an idea with plexiglass and some 16g plastic.  Air doesn’t need to pass through the window as it won’t be too long before the air conditioner goes in.  I have a feeling with the heat the cats may not even go out there but we will find out when we get there.
One thing about projects like these is I just keep coming up with more ideas. Ultimately I want to learn how to use a small solar panel and power a water fountain for the cats that way.  It’s something I’ve always been curious about so when I can incorporate it into a project and at a minimal cost (we have a small solar panel but unsure of what amp it produces) and a small controller is approx $10.  Once I get it all figured out I can see getting some small lights to decorate with.  They love being out there in the afternoon and evening, well it is shaded there until noon-ish so I don’t blame them for not wanting to go out in the cool morning. I don’t have the most spectacular photos and the Catio isn’t done yet.  I just wanted to post about it.  I wonder where I fall on the crazy cat lady spectrum now..Add a shelf, cat will perch. #catsofinstagram #catio #catenclosure


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