Every now and then I just don’t want to knit.  I went through a phase of that until I as browsing The ‘Mitten (my local yarn store is The Little Red Mitten) and came across this beautiful yarn.  I was knitting my ass off again. So in the last little hiatus I’ve been busy! I’ve completed three shawls I’m quite happy with.
The first one I just love how the colours stripe out and follow each other. The pattern was easy to follow and very enjoyable to knit up and for a shawl it was rather quick.  It took the entire skein of yarn, just enough for the tassels.
Light and Up is a shawl I’m sure I will make again.

  The second shawl, Renya, was also easy and a quick knit. The yarn stood out while walking through the one room and I had to have it. I think it looks so summer and maybe it could even be worn as a beach wrap? I had hoped the colours would fall different but it’s still very nice; I enjoyed knitting in the sunshine with this one.


The third shawl, Elven Bosk Wrap. I wanted something a little more solid, not so much scattered colours. So when I found this beautiful “Peacock Plume” blue wool I thought it needed a fancier pattern to go with it.  I am, again very happy with this shawl and think it’s beautiful.  I can’t wait to get photos of these on some young models.  The pattern was written and also provided a chart.  I didn’t even bother with the chart and came across some issues while knitting; mostly making mistakes when setting it down/pick it back up and dropping an occasional YO stitch which is hard to recreate without frogging it.  I frogged a few rows I think 3 times.   If I ever come across a beautiful white yarn I may just have to remake this shawl.




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