It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas


It’s December.  Wow. I can’t believe it’s here. Looking back at where I was January to where I am now… If anyone told me then about what would happen this summer I would not have believed you in a million years.  Especially the part about moving across the country.
It’s really been a crazy year for me.  I keep seeing posts online about how insane 2016 has been and how over it everyone is. I think it actually happens every year but since it deeply speaks to my life I’m just noticing it more.
It snowed here! An inch or so for about a day and night.  The mountains change every day and I’m always astonished by their beauty.  The crevices that are normally dark are now a striking white contrast to the snowy trees.  And when you think it just couldn’t get any more stunning… the sun sets between the snowy peaks and the sky darkens.  The light still reflecting off the snow and the dark sky make an amazing contrast and also the stars and moon shining down.

Every morning I wake up and look outside to see the mountains and I don’t think I will ever not be in awe by them.  This land is so enchanted and magickal.  If it wasn’t for the glacier cold winds of winter (hahaha it’s only -6C) I would be up Teapot Hill every other day.  Who needs a gym when you have mountains to climb and such a view for jogging.
Life certainly is crazy, but it’s good and positive.  I am happy.

~Love & Light


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