Winter has Arrived in Chilliwack

Last night. So much snow for this area I’m told.
After everyone woke up and decided to brace the snow; we cleared the driveway. Always a beautiful view!
 It’s a winter wonderland here!! More snow is in the forecast for the night and week but looks like back to rain the week after.   I don’t mind this snow at all, and watching the locals freak out online is entertaining.  The kids are having a blast and thankfully friends have my child covered for winter gear at the moment.  Such a blessing!! 

I can’t wait to get out at night and see all the houses with hundreds of lights put up, covered in snow.   The cats aren’t too impressed, I let Marvin look outside and he looked but would not venture past the door; Gwen and Boog would do the same given the chance.   

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe!!

Blessed be ❤️


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  1. You don’t mind because you’re still in that Ontario mindset 😉. We finally got dumped on this weekend and of course, its business as usual this morning! 😊

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