So long 2016

   This year has be completely crazy. I have to sit down and just write about this year alone and that time will come soon.  

  I am in shock at how much has changed.  My dad passed away. I became an Auntie. I reconnected with my daughter after 7 years of no contact. I travelled across the country and perminately moved to British Columbia, with my three cats. I lost friends.  I disappointed people.  I empowered a few. I broke a heart.

 2017. A new year. A fresh start. This year is going to be crazy in so many new ways. Lots of firsts to come. What I know for certain it that it’s going to be a year of deep growth and self discovery.  I am very excited.  

 So here’s to a new year, new adventures and new growth.  

  Blessed be, Love & Light 


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