What an Amazing Weekend!

I am amazed about how great this past weekend has been. My brother, his wife and daughter flew out to meet my daughter for the first time. They found an amazing deal on flights. Zoe was great during their travels, and they stayed in an amazing B ‘n’ B on the mountain with a stunning view. It was so wonderful to see the three of them and to show them around. We climbed a mountain, toured Vancouver, and checked out a local bakery that offered some delicious treats.
It’s crazy how much my brother can be like our dad. I have deeply missed them all. I’ve been out here a few months and have already had family come visit. I am incredibly blessed.
I am anxious to pull up my Nikon photos. Some didn’t turn out how I hoped but I wasn’t taking my time either.
My family connected and bonded; it was such an experience! I’m so excited for their next visit and more adventures with Zoe. My normally quiet and reserved daughter was a social butterfly with her Uncle, Aunt and cousin. She kept beside the stroller talking with them and making noises to entertain 5-month-old Zoe. She even crocheted up a doll for her in record time! Zoe was a trooper too! At 5 months old, she flew across the country, climbed a mountain, saw bald eagles, osprey, swans, and so much more. She may not remember it but we all know she loved it. dsc_0353Climbing the mountain, she was the happiest facing away from daddy, with a great view of everything. She stretched her lungs and made noises galore. Ultimately, she is a very happy baby.
dsc_0398On One stretch of the hike, more like climb, we had to really think about continuing on, but we did. Boy was it ever worth it!dsc_0452
dsc_0473The path levelled out and there were some people camping. We walked to the edge of the trees, about 10′ from the path and the view was incredible: the mountains and valley; I will forever be in awe. We continued on a little farther, and it opens up to Lindeman Lake. dsc_0500The lake was frozen and the view from the middle was breath taking. There were a couple tents set up and people camping. We had a snack and took lots of photos before heading back down.
114The way down was…. incredible. It was a slide for most of the way down. Mother Nature’s luge, there was no other way but to embrace the fun and slide. For half of it I was able to keep my feet under my butt and avoid getting snow on my pants… but inevitably it happened. We were all shouting with laughter, each going down and watching the next go and helping slow down or stop when needed. My daughter had the time of her life. dsc_0564
The next day we went to Burnaby Mountain, then over to Stanley Park and walked the sea wall. The water was low and we were able to collect some good sized shells. We were forced to detour up the mountain rather than along the water towards Prospect Point. People were everywhere. It’s so beautiful how active everyone stays and how well trails and parks are maintained here. I’m overjoyed to take our bicycles there once the snow is gone. There are bicycles and small cars for rent all over Vancouver, and I’m definitely going to look into how to do that once… Maybe spend a couple of nights in the big city to get the real experience.
The weather was perfect for my family’s visit. They were excited to see snow and it stuck around just long enough before the rainy days.309
The walk in the park worked up all of our our appetites so we ended the day at Lonsdale for dinner. It was the perfect way to end the day and the visit. I miss them so much already and cannot wait for our next adventure. They fell in love with the cities and the woods and I have no doubt they will be back soon.


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