Snowed In

It started Friday… and didn’t stop until Sunday…. more is predicted to come; the city is covered in snow.  The school district has closed the schools to students and staff, hopefully reopening Wednesday.  It’s beautiful. 064065 Chilliwack got 77 cm of snow and it has begun again.
It’s so much fun to get out and see everyone who got stuck or snowed in and seeing everyone come together to help one another. 048 Our sidewalk was clear until last night when the plows actually widened the cleared road.  Now it’s up to the city to clear that heavy mess and they are.  Crews are slowly making their way around.  My little car does surprisingly well with worn tires it has and isn’t getting stuck.  The mountains are just stunning with the low lying clouds and snow covered peaks.074080084

It’s been a record winter for the area I’ve been told, to me, this is normal and I just wish I had brought my winter boots right away.  I keep reading that another storm is going to hit with more snow. It’s going to be interesting.   I won’t lie though, I am ready for spring to come and to get back outside in the woods!
I hope you’re all staying warm
~Blessed Be


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  1. Mel A ROWE says:

    Such beautiful pictures.
    Keep warm, maybe I’ll send some Aussie summer your way. 🙂

    1. Awe thank you!!!
      Gotta have winter to appreciate summer right? I definitely have to check Australia out sometime though!

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