Brewing Once At Last

Yes I am brewing again!  I am so happy to have a healthy brew waiting for a bigger fermenting jar and I picked up bottles just the other day.

Today I scouted the city for supplies.  I asked a local group where I could find a 1-2 gallon glass jar and was directed over to the Preserved Seed.  I finally made it over there to ask and when I opened the doors I was greeted by this amazing smell of bakery and spices. Some folky music was playing, I wish I could better recall the type, fresh bread was on a shelf and opposite was loose leaf teas.  Although they no longer get the large glass jars as they used to, the gentlemen there tried very hard to accommodate my request.  I took a good look around the store, natural soap, shampoo & conditioner on tap, pure honey, apple cider vinegar on tap and bulk baking needs.  I picked out a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner bar for Babe and checked out the loose leaf teas on my way out.  I will be back.

So my search became… local brew-it-yourself suppliers… such luck!! True North Brew Supply came up in my online search accompanied by great reviews. Why not go over yonder and take a gander?

I was very happy I did.
I was able to find replacement lids for my GT bottles; 38mm lids.  They are different from the original so I picked up four for a whopping eighty cents each! I browsed the rest of the small but surely well stocked store for all you’re brewing needs.  I felt quiet novice being in there for my ‘booch addiction.

I also picked up a scrub brush for a staggering price of under $3! Walked out of there $7 less in my pocket and mission accomplished!

Current Mission: obtain brewing vessel 2+ gallons.  I wonder if I could make one at a ceramics place and how much that would cost.  I know it’s an investment for my health and happiness.  I love brewing and drinking ‘booch.
There are blackberry bushes growing all through the ditches and countryside I hope I can find a good combination for flavoring with them and other local ingredients. I’ve gotten to meet some local people and hope to make some good friends with the same crunchy goals. I hear it’s a big thing out here. It took no time to track down a Scoby and some bottles so I am hopeful. {I’ve already shared a Scoby even}


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