Turning Passions into Work


      I am just so excited and happy with life here in BC.  There is so much to look forward to and I wake up every day in wonder of what we can get into next.


      I found a vintage jar to get my brewery going in full swing and am very excited to start experimenting with fun new flavors.  I can’t wait to take it to the next level. I’ve really grown to love brewing, flavoring and bottling kombucha.  I find it so relaxing; therapeutic even.  Sharing it with friends and family always brings me the warm fuzzies with a smile. . . kids are so much fun to introduce to the fermentation world.

   Next is getting gardening. I have been feeling so creative and full love life I cannot wait to get all these ideas going. My daughter is so excited as well.  I think one of the first things we can get going is some strawberry posts, introduce the kids to vertical growing.

Dare I say the weather is very much spring here now and I’m really enjoying it.  We get out for bike rides and rollerblading all over the city.  The sun seems to come out more and more everyday and I soak up every moment of it I can.   I feel that summer will be busy and exciting with lots of fun and laughter to come.  I hope to get more in touch with my pagan nature and plan on seeing a spiritual healer soon.   I’ve started doing yoga and cannot believe how much it helps.  I know I think like this every time I get hop back on the bandwagon.  Brewing, home cooked meals and lots of outdoor time is very rejuvenating for this hippy’s soul.  I’ve been trying new recipes lately and having my family devour it is such a great feeling!  It’s been a huge change in life that I needed and I am so incredibly happy to be where I am now.  I can only be excited for our future together.
Blessed Be!


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