Life is Good

It’s amazing how different life is out here.   I’ve been meeting amazing people, working with some wonderful ladies and have an inspiring boss.  The holiday weekend was rather low key, which I kind of like, we spent it together and went on some adventures meeting interesting people and seeing some stunning views! I’ve been rather busy and wanting to blog but failing to find the time… and I also started to refinish my desk so my space is kinda gone.  I love having projects on the go and am so excited to have come up with an idea for my daughter and started to make it come true…. but then this wonderful man asked if I needed some help.  He took my simple project above and beyond creating something even better, all from scrap wood.   I cannot wait for it to be finished; her and I will have so much fun doing the finishing touches like sewing the pull-out bed covers and custom cushions.. picking out  fabric is going to be a blast!
I hope I can start posting more and will try to do a daily or weekly photo… you know some sort of a routine which has been non-existent in this blog but hey I’m still plugging away here and hoping to be reaching more than my stalker-fanclub hahahaha if not, oh well!


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