I have the best people in my life!  My bestie sent me a little package in the mail that’s packed full of power. RAMing power that is! 

Hehehehehehe She’s an amazing woman and she’s ALL MINE! lol My bestie that is.  So tonight I installed a stick of RAM into my laptop that doubles its original specs.  My computer is running amazingly and I will certainly be blogging more!!! It was a real pain in the ass to be honest; felt like the smallest thing took forever.  Editing is still slow-ish but I know that’s from my unlocked oldish version of the program.  Maybe now I’ll find a newer unlocked version, none the less I am extremely pleased and have been going through my Nikon pics.  I think in the next few weeks I will really focus on memorizing the settings on my camera… ssshhhh…. I know I know, I should know whats what by now!  I think I’ve just buggered something up somewhere and aren’t getting the shots I should be getting.  A new lens is going to change my world!! Question is which mm to go with! Likely get more use of one to zoom in with all the beautiful wildlife here.  Tonight was another thunder & lightening storm; it was beautiful! Lightening among the mountains with clouds staring to engulf them. I’m told it’s uncommon for this area to have thunder & lightening storms; like the unusually cold winter.  Spring has been off too.  I am oblivious to any normalcy so I just take each day as it is and find the beauty in it. How could you not find British Columbia beautiful? There’s always a view!


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