Welcome to the Jungle 

The long weekend always calls for a trip to the local greenhouse! It’s almost tradition for me; I’ve been in a greenhouse all spring so my March break greenhouse pick me up was already happening.  I stopped and toured Minter Gardens, a lovely little greenhouse still in walking distance to my home.  It was so hard to pick out some plants but once I saw a 3 for $10 tropical plant sale that made it quiet easy.  Only one pink Atrum was left so I snatched that up.

It’s been a wonderful long weekend, beautiful weather, hiking and family.  The road trip was amazing! So much to see here, I really look forward to really exploring each little area.  On Mother’s Day we went out and found some crystals as well as some lovely wild lavender cuttings that are now in water with hopes for them to root.  I could not believe the amount of wild lavender here and just how BIG a lavender bush can actually grow! Over the weekend I saw cows, COWS! hiding amongst the rolling fields of lavender.  I was busy taking in the view and photos that when I turned around my trunk was open and somehow some lavender bushes jumped right on it and came along for the trip.  I don’t expect them to survive but it’s a nice little experiment to see.  But now I know where to get them! 


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