Summer is Almost Over

The summer has just flown by! Between going out and doing something every weekend and working like crazy I feel ready for fall, although I don’t know why I expect the fall to be any less hectic.
Working for a small business is so rewarding. I love my boss/owner/creator and feel as though we have the same vision or goal in the end. I joke with her from time to time….

It’s a lot of work and a lot of hours.  Some days I can get everything I need to done while the brewery is open but not in production… other days the “side” projects come home and sit a little longer before being completed.  I am excited to complete the “sandwich board” that will go on the sidewalk to help draw peoples attention.   Finding other employees is difficult but I think I’ve found a lead on a couple of really wonderful ladies.   Productions days can be pretty crazy when customers also decide to flood the shop, I love it all though; the day goes by so quickly. I love it.  I got to go to the Vancouver Mural Festival which was great! I was alone so I didn’t get to see everything but I checked out the #vancouvermuralfestival2017 and found others photos that we taken before everyone arrived.

I am looking forward to the kids getting back to school, moving on up and seeing some loved ones; who am I kidding? September is packed full of action already!
Alright, I need to get house type stuff done before I fall asleep typing this post up and not just post what it is at the moment.  Photos will be coming soon!


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