Wow, I finally got some good house keeping done today and tomorrow will be able to do some more.  I can only do so much at the moment as I have to take it easy but never less I can still do all the little things and those really add up over time.
Today I was able to put some of my hoya cuttings into pots and get all the laundry done and folded over the whole day.  Mount St Dishmore has been conquered once and for all after this month of craziness.  Next week the kids are all back in school and we move. I’m so looking forward to some normality and routine again.  I think I associate fall with normality after the fun and spontaneous-ness of summer… it’s a bit different in BC than Ontario weather wise, we are getting another heat wave and I’ve wondered this evening if the smoke is coming back. . . . I haven’t kept up with the fires since the rain came and cleansed out air.  We needed it.
I got a massage this evening and confirmed some injuries that I endured last week, will have to see another doctor to get completely fixed up but I am on the mend finally.  It’s crazy how much emotion and trauma our muscles will hold on to.   The woman was absolutely lovely and her space was beautiful and safe I will certainly be going back to her and ensuring my recovery fully.  Tomorrow I will do some light yoga and keep my muscles stretched out and keep movement.  Thankfully my boss is very understanding and wants me to be fixed up and ready to be hauling kegs and moving kombucha again, running the brewery the way I usually do and love to do.  Self care is something many of us over look and push to the side and others just don’t understand what true self care is calling their daily starbucks self care.  Re-balancing of the mind, body and soul are needed for us to think clearly and be compassionate human beings.  Not doing things to truly take care of ourselves snowballs in our lives as pain, anger, anguish, stress, frustration and sickness.  Ultimately we have to be “selfish” to be our best selves and give our children and spouses the partner/parent they deserve and need.  I think being able to acknowledge that we are at a point with life, stress and whatnot and saying, I’m sorry but I need to have 20 mins of quiet yoga time and breath, before tackling some life challenge that’s been thrown in our paths, is a valuable lesson for kids to be able to learn that they too can feel and need the same space and re balancing.  Today, cleaning and light organization along with the massage really helped me re group mentally and emotionally.  Some loving hands took care of my body and relieved my muscles from their trauma, I feel at ease and nourished.
I should get some rest before a new day begins,
Love & Light


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