I love plants, I’m sure you all know this by now.  Since my move it’s been a little depressing to have so little.  I mean, I did bring a couple cacti and hoyas with me; which have all had cuttings taken from and became more plants tehehehehe.

One of the first plants I got here, well more my daughter got, is her mini Yule tree.  I thought I killed it at one point to be honest.  It could have had better care in the time we’ve had it but it’s alive still and I’m not going to give up on it just yet.

We recently moved into a much larger space which is incredible!  The cats don’t know what to do with themselves.. seriously Gwen is just so happy being in a nearly empty room its weird.   Lots of quiet to get used to and then the new noises of being in such a large space and having people live downstairs; lots to get used to for them all.   The house is quiet, it’s such a change from the family we lived with prior. I like quiet to be honest; not always quiet but times, not a party house.

I can’t wait to get my balcony set up how I see it in my mind, it’s going to be beautiful and I love the weather here, it lets me have so many plants growing outdoors for so long, unlike Ontario.  It will be lovely with the privacy.

Moving is always hectic no matter how you do it.  I’m so happy to be where we are.  A huge back yard connecting to a park; a balcony; garage; shed.  I already tackled the overgrown tomato bush that was happening and everyone is shocked by how many tomatoes there are even though I cut a lot off and will continue to trim the suckers are their fruit ripens.  I love gardening.. it’s so great to have a garden space again.  We were at the local nursery picking out new fruit trees over the weekend, I get so excited about it all.  I saw one of my Love’s favorites, a fiddle leaf fig, I can’t wait to pick a beautiful one out for him.  This weekend I will be picking up a beautiful plant and hanger from Aloe Yucca and had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners while at the Women’s Expo in Surrey this year.  I was surprised at how many of the entrepreneurs were based out of Chilliwack and it made me proud of where I live.   I hope to work out a nice featuring piece for the brewery and possibly even doing a collaboration with an idea we want for the brewery wall; I wouldn’t expect to be able to properly display it until spring.  It makes me giddy being able to make these plans and create a beautiful atmosphere.  The people I get to interact with on a daily basis is so much fun, entertaining and helps propel my learning.  Once I get the brewery all in order I will be in school and expanding my knowledge even more.  It is something I really am passionate about.

Just one rainbow of a dozen in a single day, the purple was so brilliant! Photo hardly does the red justice…

carrotzinger.jpgWe do a lot of adventuring, lots of back roads and “hey have you been down this road yet?” It’s always breathtaking everywhere you look here.  Just the other day it was a mix of rain and sun; the valley was displaying the most spectacular rainbows I’ve ever seen.


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